Miller –The Power of Blue
American well known Miller Electric a world’s leader manufacturer of electric welding equipment is carrying on “the power of blue” series brand image for 77 years now. Miller becomes the world’s reliable source breaking through most advanced technologies. Its strength has remarkably proven and trusted in the welding industry.

ProArc supplies complete expertise and stocks and became the close partner and cooperator of Miller in Taiwan. Regardless of simple welding machine operation or welding automation, Miller is the blue gigantic of welding equipment among the international factory.

Main products
Miller Syncrowave TIG series
Miller - Prestige Brand TIG Leder
Miller Syncrowave TIG series use squarewave technology for arc performance more than 25 years. The AC/DC with pulse full function of Syncrowave series design has outstanding than other industrial TIG machine because of its smooth, steady arc, ease of use and reliability. Through its continued excellence and refine performance it once again proves still to be the best choice in the world.
Miller Deltaweld series
Heavy Industrial—MIG/Flux cored
The Deltaweld series is the favorite choice and familiar product among the heavy industry; be it engineering construction, pressure vessels, shipbuilding, structural steel, trucks and more – whatever your welding wire job is handle it with Deltaweld. It is available in 300, 450 and 650 amps at 100% duty cycle. It will mostly satisfy factories running a non-stoppable three-shift working system.
Miller Summit Arc 1000
Sub Arc-patented variable balance AC squarewave technology
Summit Arc 1000 is a three-phase Squarewave AC machine provide excellent arc starting and positive arc ignition throughout the weld cycle for superior arc performance and quality. Thus, you can be more productive and reduced the welding time by 60 percent and every weld has passed the X-ray inspection without repair. If you want to head-on your competitor, this heavyweight equipment possessed good quality and investment.

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