ProArc News - September 2016
  We are happy to announce ProArc and our partners are exhibiting at the upcoming expositions from October till December.

Participating in trade shows is an effective way and often the best time to forge closer ties and renew alliances with partners.

Whether exhibiting raises company’s name recognition, brand awareness, generates sales leads, strengthen partnership – 

it’s an unmatched marketing path to meet face-to-face and discuss your potential interest.
Don’t be left out, find out the buzz and pulse of the industry!

Walk by our booth and see our best selling products for cutting, drilling & welding application.

ProArc’s new generation table type CNC drilling machine Drill+166 / 206 is specially designed for drilling, tapping and slotting application on construction joint plate.

It provides the most convenient working environment facilitating operator to easily load and unload workpiece.

Equipped with high efficiency DS-032 servo spindle, the system supports Ø6mm ~ Ø32mm TTD drilling capacity and a maximum Ø40mm drilling capability using high speed indexable drill.

Small and compact design occupies minimum floor space while keeping highest operation efficiency. Contact ProArc sales to explore more! 
PT-5000S positioner with CB-500 controller adopts Servo motor, PLC, and HMI in one package.

It can accurately perform circumferential welding and provide you to improve welding quality, increase production output, and decrease variable labor costs.

Optional AD type - adjustable table height allows a more dynamic work diameter & flexibility for the operator.

CB-500 controller:
ü   Servo control for stable speed and higher accuracy
ü   Adjust welding current and welding speed
ü   Welding program can be edited and stored
ü   Additional dry contacts for cold wire feeder, AVC, oscillator
ü   Remote Pendant
To provide a complete cutting solution, ProArc Athlete CNC cutting machine is integrated with Hypertherm latest HyPrecision waterjet system ~ serving a Just Cut solution to our customers. Exploit the Advanced Intensifier Technology providing longer life time and lowest maintenance cost. 
  Attractive features:
ü   Equipped with MicroEDGE Pro CNC controller
ü   Hypertherm ProNest advanced nesting software
ü   Full range of product line from 15Hp to 150Hp - covering a variety of cutting requirement 
ü   Advanced PLC control station to support Early leak detection, Real-time I/O monitoring, Pierce and cut pressure controls
ü   Safety dump valve relieves system pressure in case of shutdown