ProArc News - April 2017
  ProArc is here to help you cope up welding industry’s ongoing welding operator shortage and product instability.  We are pleased to launch the new MP-0606 Manipulator [column/boom stroke: 0.6m x 0.6m] that will give you stable production quality & efficiency.
With this new revolutionary product, you can simply fix the welding torch or adjust the gap between torch and workpiece without hassles. MP-0606 can be integrated with welding positioner or turning rolls for vertical and horizontal circumferential welding.

From now on, even junior operators can offer good welding quality!
1.     Less space required
2.     Easy to use
3.     Flexible adjustment for torch position
4.     360 degree rotating base, multi stations

The PipeWorx welding system provides standard welding process programs, specifically designed for the welding of carbon steel and stainless steel pipe.

RMD and pulsed MIG programs are synergic programs designed specifically for combinations of wire type, wire diameter and shielding gas.
 The major advantage:
1.        Superior welding quality
2.        More than 3 times faster speed comparing with traditional STICK/TIG manual welding process.
3.        provides for one-wire and one-gas solution with pro pulse reducing change-over
4.        RMD can eliminate the backing gas on stainless steel
5.        Less weld spatter for less clean-up
6.        Less training time
Every four years, all the experts worldwide in welding and cutting technology will be gathering in SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade fair to display its innovative products. This year the show will be held in Düsseldorf from Sept. 25-29.

With 143m2 booth, ProArc will demonstrate our latest products in Cutting, Welding and Drilling. We sincerely invite all of you to visit our booth and join us together in this trade event.
Thank you to all ProArc visitors during the 26th TIMTOS expo in Taipei. The show was a great success and it has recorded 28 countries visitor came to ProArc’s booth during the exhibition. We were impressed by visitor’s great interest in our product.

This time, we demonstrated CNC X-cut beveling cutting machine, CNC Drilling machine, Longitudinal Seam welder, E.Z.Arc welding system and Miller PipeWorx welding package making us one of the spot light at the fair.