ProArc News - Dec. 2019

2019/12/22 News

【ProArc Plasma Pipe Cutting System Helps 5G Deployments in USA】


“Light poles require precision—these structures aren’t five stories up on a building. Pedestrians and cars pass right by. They should look great up close.

The new facility uses a ProArc state-of-the-art pipe plasma cutter to achieve accuracy and consistency of design. It creates an amazingly clean-cut product—practically seamless. The quality is excellent for a high-visibility concealed structure.” Said Trey Nemeth, GM of Raycap/STEALTH.

ProArc is happy to make a positive contribution to the world communication. 

【Simplify Your Welding Job】


ProArc benchtop type positioner offers 50kg, 100kg and 200kg loading capacity. Compact machine with heavy-duty performance! It delivers professional grade performance that brings semi-automated welding down to a price that your shop can afford.