CNC cutting machine Magicut table type

ProArc Magicut, compact CNC cutting machine built for 100% duty cycle cutting operation, is ideal for job shop looking to add their first piece of automated machinery. Rugged and sturdy, Magicut has the same reliability and accuracy found in all ProArc cutting systems. ※ CE Conformity

  1. CNC Controller
    • 15” screen
    • Multi-language selection
    • USB port
    • Recall the last cutting point

  2. OPC:
    • THC setting panel
    • Plasma switch
    • Emergency stop button

  3. Signal Tower
    - Warning indication and machine fault management.

  4. Servo motor drive
    - Closed loop control with constant motion torque.

  5. Rugged structure
    - Solid table structure for high cutting precision.

  6. Laser Pointer
    - Simple laser pointer for accurate positioning.

  7. THC
    - Combined anti-collision, IHS and THC functions for reliable air plasma cutting.