Circumferential welding system E.Z.Arc

E.Z.Arc system consists of welding positioners and EZArc components as a complete lathe welding package. - Modern style and more compact design - White base achromatic color suitable for any brand of welding power source - High frequency protected - Standard / digital type in 4 rotation speed available - 2 year warranty - CE Conformity


CB-102 (for PT-103/203)

Advanced homing controller. Start delay / Overlap timer / Home sensor

CB-102D (for PT-104/204)

Digital advanced homing controller. Start delay / Overlap timer / Home sensor


Sequencer, fully automated welding control. 1. PLC with HMI full digital control 2. Index welding sequence edit (only for PT-104/204 digital positioner) 3. Can be interfaced with wire feeder and oscillators


Variable speed foot control

TA-101 (Stroke: 100 mm)

Pneumatic torch actuator

TL-101 (Tilt angle: 22.5°)

Pneumatic torch lift


3-Jaw chuck, OD 4 - 150 mm


3-Jaw chuck, OD 4 - 450 mm


3-Jaw chuck, OD 4 - 500 mm


Tungsten Grinder Ø1.0 ~ 4.8 mm Fine diamond grinding wheel

Safety Viewer