Our Principles


ProArc is a constant pursuit of innovation and breakthrough enterprises, customer-oriented, standing in the customer's position to think about product design, break through all the barriers to meet customer needs.

R&D Skills and Quality

ProArc's annual investment in research and development is much higher than other peers (more than 5% of annual turnover). Such a high percentage of research funding is sufficient to prove that ProArc's adherence to product quality is not a slogan, but a real implementation The ProArc sees all of its peers as the most valuable asset.


Respect for the rights of individuals, dignity, value, and that through the creativity of colleagues to achieve the company's growing goal.

Technical Service Support

ProArc into the world's latest equipment and technology to be integrated to help Taiwan's industrial upgrading, enhance Taiwan's product competitiveness, to create a world-class MIT signs.

More than 10 years has been successful for Taiwan's dozens of enterprises to complete production automation, production line automation, improve production efficiency and reduce product non-performing rate and other objectives.

Production line with good organization