A world leader in welding

Founded in 1945 Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik GmBh & Co KG, specialized, from the start, in the development and production of inert gas shielded torches for MIG and TIG welding.
Sometime later torches were introduced specifically for automated Robotic welding, and in the 1980’s our first range of market-leading PLASMA cutting torches were released.

Over the last 60 years, there have been many patented developments that characterize the world of welding and cutting, products that set the international benchmark.

Main Product

Machine torch ABIMIG® SpinArc®

The externally controlled ABIMIG® SpinArc® machine torch combines traditional MIG/MAG welding with the advantages of a rotating configurable wire feed. This provides a wide range of new possibilities with regard to production efficiency, cost optimisation and process reliability.

The ABIMIG® SpinArc® starts the wire electrode off in a circular motion. Through the adjustable rotation speed and the broadly distributed addition of filler material, very good edge bonding is achieved with joint welding, for example, which opens up new paths in the complete welding process.

Robot Power Source iROB

With the robot power source iROB it is easier than ever before to set up an all-round perfect automated welding system.
Communication between the robot and power source is possible with either digital fieldbus versions or classical analogue/digital versions.

The iROB's pulse welding technology has an especially compact design so that it can still fit into the smallest robot welding cell. Integrated process monitoring leads to a reliable welding result.

Our complete equipment packages, from the power source through assembly material to the welding torch, not only simplify configuration and integration, they make it a worthwhile investment as well.