High power diode lasers for the industry

Laserline is the international leading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial applications. And with about 4,000 beam sources having been delivered worldwide, Laserline is easily one of the most successful providers of industrial lasers.

Typical fields of use for Laserline’s diode lasers are classical industrial applications in material processing like welding, brazing, hardening, softening, and realization or repairing of coatings. Additionally, Laserline’s diode lasers have become established in plastic welding and in newer manufacturing processes like additive manufacturing (metal 3-D printing) or welding of fiber composites. The users are primarily from the automotive industry, or the engineering, tool- and mold-making industries. Also in the aerospace and heavy industry, many companies today count on Laserline.

Main Product

Diode lasers

Typical for lasers from Laserline is the direct use of diodes as the most efficient form of beam creation. The basic advantage of diode lasers lies in the direct transformation of electricity into light without the indirect route over a pump medium.

Thus, diode lasers are more compact, more efficient, more mobile and easier to handle than all other lasers. Diode lasers will not disappoint because they are almost maintenance-free and have long lifetimes.