Spot Welding

Sunstone specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing fine spot micro welding and engraving solutions.

Our product line includes Laser, Pulse Arc, Capacitive Discharge, AC, and Hot Bar Reflow welding systems that are used in a variety of research and manufacturing fields and industries.

Main Product

CD1000DP Industrial Spot Welders

The CD1000 dual pulse industrial spot welders provide a substantial amount of weld energy along with a fine range of power adjustment. These welders provide up to 1000 watt seconds of energy for thicker, more conductive, and highly-resistive materials.

Weld energy can be adjusted by increments of 10ws making it extremely versatile for a variety of industrial spot welding applications.

250i2 EV CNC Battery Welding System

The 250i2 EV is perfect for welding copper tabs on battery packs.

The 250i2 EV has a new design to give superior performance. This newest update takes all of the great features from our previous EV copper tab battery welder, and adds to it a new motorized weld head for greater control, precision, and uniformity to every weld. The power supply has also been upgraded to offer superior control and fine-tunabilty to guarantee the perfect weld can be achieved.

Manufacturers can produce lighter, more compact, and more efficient battery packs without compromising power or capacity.