AVC-25 / 150

2023/04/25 News

Arc Voltage Control 

AVC-25 / 150

The Arc Voltage Control AVC-25/150 is a designed to regulate the voltage of the welding arc, maintaining a consistent arc length and stability.

By ensuring a stable and consistent welding arc, this device improves the quality and efficiency of welding processes, including TIG and plasma welding.


Use Arc Voltage Control to reduce the possibility of defects and inconsistencies in the weld material by maintaining a consistent arc length. This results in a more precise and consistent weld penetration, leading to an overall improvement in the quality of the weld.


Another advantage is that a consistent arc voltage helps to reduce spatter, which improves weld appearance and a reduce cleanup requirement. Additionally, improved weld quality and consistent weld parameters helps users reduces rework or repairs, increasing better productivity and output.


Finally, the use of an Arc Voltage Control can also improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of equipment failures and accidents caused by welding defects or errors.

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