2023/04/25 News

Cold Wire Feeder


Wire feeders provides many benefits that can enhance efficiency and productivity. It is a devices that regulates the feeding of welding wire into the welding torch, which simplifies the welding process and minimize the need for manual labor. Here are some specific advantages of using a wire feeder:


Increased productivity: Wire feeders operate at high speeds, which can increase the number of welds per hour and decrease production time.


Consistent weld quality: Wire feeders control the feeding of welding wire and maintains consistent weld parameters. This can lead to higher-quality welds and improved product reliability.


Reduced labor costs: Wire feeders can reduce the need for manual labor, which can lower labor costs and free up skilled welders for other tasks.

ProArc specialize in welding automation solutions, we can help you choose the most suitable wire feeder for your welding requirements.

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