ProArc News - January 2018

2018/01/01 News

『Experience the new upgrade Longitudinal Seamer』


ProArc Longitudinal Seamer has enhanced its maximum carriage speed at 16mm/min through servo motor control to reduce the cycle time and increase the production efficiency.

The new 7” touchscreen provides a more friendly operation environment and the new screen arrangement and icon design makes the page read more easily and attractively. Don’t miss out this upgrade!


『High Efficiency! TG-300 Tungsten Grinder』


Safety, Productivity & Value 

1. Compact, durable and solid design
2. Easy set-up, optimal consistency
3. Safety and easy disposal
4. Tip flat block for square end grinding and removing bad tips
5. Electrode notching station for simple cut-off
6. Double-sided grinding wheel for maximum wheel life and value
7. Universal collet arm for 6 electrode sizes-with no equipment changes  

The range of included angle 10° - 60° degree

Min. Electrode Length

44.5 mm

Input Power

Overall Dimension

Overall Dimension

238 x 110 x 174 mm


6.5 kg


『ProArc Cutting Table + Dust Collector』


Get tired of smoke and bad smell of burned metal in your factory? Do you have constant complaints regarding the unclean working environment or old and ineffective filtering system?  

We have a solution: ProArc Cutting Table with high-efficiency Dust Collector is a powerful fume suction and filtering system for plasma cutting.  

Key advantages:
1. Extra-low electrical power
2. Low maintenance requirements
3. Auto cleaning to extend the life of filters
4. Clean working environment  

Tips: To always remain best-sucking performance, besides the filter should be changed, how to operate the system correctly is very important. Please contact us for detailed information. 


『MP-1212E Column and Boom with electrical control』



Product feedback
• Economical Price
• Reliable quality
• Friendly adjustment
• Flexible application

• Standing base
• Welding positioner
• Turning rolls