ProArc News - Apr. 2022

2022/04/25 News

- Create ProArc value, Gain the trust of customer.


With 68 years history in steel stockkeeping, Wo Lee Steel Co. Ltd has become a long-established reputable supplier for a wide range of high-quality steel construction products for the manufacturing and construction industry in Hong Kong. Wo Lee is a long-term client of ProArc since 2011. With ProArc's just in time after-sales service and enthusiastic response are some of the reasons why they’ve continued and decided to purchase third unit cutting machine in 2021.

Ten years later, ProArc has a more complete improved product line. We incorporate a fume extraction table and eco-friendly dust collectors into our own product line that provides customer with “Total Cutting Solution”.                                                                                                                                   


“Ten years later, the 3rd unit Master 35 is a new version that has been continuously improved. The simple design of the white rigid body structure makes the appearance of the equipment more concise – a highlight in the workshop. The most important internal part is that from the user's point of view, ProArc had designed a system that is suitable for operators who have many years of cutting experience on site - simply creating a stable, easy and quick-to-use interface. This enables our field personnel get started quickly with the new machine.”

- Said by Mr. Lam from Wo Lee

This one-stop service has won Wo Lee’s recognition. Since we have “Total Cutting Solution”, it has continuously accounted for 40%~50% of sales in 2019~2020. “Better working environment” has become a new trend pursued by owners.




- 6 years old cutting machine gets high-mark holding 65% of its value.


Do you know how long the service life of high-precision CNC cutting machine is? What is the depreciation value after many years of use? Here is a real case study for ProArc cutting machine re-sold to user, Dongchang after 6 years of use under proper cleaning and regular maintenance.                                                                                                             

After disassemble and proper cleaning, these accessories kept 80% new in overall condition before being sold in 2021. 



The used machine is kept in perfect condition and normal function after regular & proper cleaning. The whole unit looks totally like new even after 6 years of usage and remains 65% of its original value.