ProArc News - March 2021

2021/03/10 News

2020 was a remarkably difficult year, people all over the world were forced tocontend                                                      with a new normal life. We have to stop our business visiting plan and cancel all the exhibition                                        due to travel bans.

No matter how bad the 2020 is, we grab this opportunity to optimize our production processes                                        and develop several new products. 

ProArc will release following new products in 2021:                                                                                                                                              



It has been 27 years since the first CNC cutting machine PC-3100GS was sold in November, 1994.                            Due to the popularization of high precision plasma cutting in the world, customer cut thicker plate                                  by high current power source. The fume produced by plasma cutting is a hidden danger in our working                    environment that can hurt worker’s health. The only way to prevent this problem is to equip machine with                    fume extractors.

ProArc has been dedicated to the design of the cutting table for over ten years. Our purpose is not just                 building an extraction table to collect the fume, but overcome the difficulty of handling high temperature                          dust and massive residue.