CNC Plasma bevel cutting machine X-cut

ProArc CNC Plasma bevel cutting machine X-cut performs a rotary and tilt bevel cutting head applicable on Master series CNC cutting machine for high quality bevel cutting application. Based on high accuracy mechanical TCP design, it provides constant CNC plasma bevel cutting quality and a more easy operation environment. It is capable of cutting accurate CNC bevel cutting profiles on any angle from +45° ~ -45° while rotation capability at +/- 360°. With complete bevel data bank tested and built by ProArc engineer, X-cut CNC Plasma bevel cutting machine can perform stable and accuracy plasma bevel cutting result. ※ CE Conformity

Model Unit X-cut
Tilt range degree ±45
Rotation range degree ±360
Tilt speed rpm 30
Rotation speed rpm 30
Overall accuracy degree ±0.5